‘Skyscapes’ Galerie Dusseldorf, Perth, WA, 2007

Vast skies under which one seems to disappear. Secret and majestic landscapes sculpted by time and the elements. A clarity of light, presenting unprecedented subtlety of tone. Low horizon lines which linger below ever changing cloud formations and weather patterns. This is the South West region of Western Australia. The intensity of a sunset witnessed in Amsterdam in July 2006, these were all irresistible subjects to me as a painter.
 Sighting a retrospective of Turner’s water colours at the Tate London, visiting various London galleries and a visit to Portugal in July this year was like a rush of fresh air. These travels have brought with them new ways to approach painting that in turn provides a certain informed clarity. Skies and clouds, sand and water are in essence universal phenomena. 
Captured as subject matter they invite the viewer in for a moment of stillness to reflect on the primal power of nature as well as one’s passage in time.

Jill Kempson November 2007



Photography by Pascal Veydradier